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Stall Strap™

Stall Strap™

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The Deco Pony Stall Strap™ fits perfectly into our Stall Guard pockets across the top and bottom, eliminating the need for chains & snaps. 

  • Enables stall guards to hang straight & neat - no sagging in the middle or bunching across the top! 
  • No more heavy rubber stall chains to pack, carry & hang
  • No more chains smacking you on the shins or clanking across metal door frames
  • Recommended for horse 15.h or taller that respect boundaries
  • One Stall Strap™ through the top pocket is usually sufficient, but if you want an even neater look or have a horse that likes to do the limbo under stall guards, add another to the bottom pocket!
  • NOT recommended for horses that rub or push on their stall guards a lot
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