Argyle Snaffle - Grey & Tan

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Argyle Snaffle - Grey & Tan


This happy little Clutch is fun for the barn & pretty enough for around town. Perfect for those days when you don't need to carry a lot, but still has plenty of room for all the essentials.

Photographic Loose Ring Snaffles are digitally printed onto Microfiber & then the bag is constructed around it. Sturdy with a stiff bottom so it stands on it's own.

• Crafted of elegant, durable microfiber

• Self-zip wristband handle functions as top closure

• 6" interior zipper pocket

• Exterior dimensions are 10"W x 5.5"H x 1.75"D

* Satiny black lining.

* Design on front & shimmery black on the backside

ALL our products are made in the USA

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