Introducing the Next Generation of Stall Guard technology!

The Deco Pony Stall Strap


It's all about the Presentation

Originally we designed Deco Pony Stall Guards to work with the rubber stall chains most of our Eventing Friends have but now we're stepping it up.

If you want your barn aisle to look its best our Stall Straps™ are the answer. 

Get them for your current or future Deco Pony Custom Stall Guards & be the envy of your Competition.

The Stats

•   Only $19
•   Doubly reinforced on both ends
•   36" wide to fit within any standard doorway
•   Not adjustable, because there was no need
      (90% of users attach using bailing twine loops so the width can be adjusted there & because every show stall is configured differently)
•   Waterproof nylon webbing
•   2 Heavy duty square loop metal bolt snaps
•   Other sizes & colors available via Special Order

Kiss those heavy, noisy, bowed rubber stall chains good-bye!

Place your order TODAY

Available only to Deco Pony Custom Stall Guard Clients past & present.

Not recommended for a horse who's a big pusher or rubber on stall guards or stall doors or is shorter than 15.2h.