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Inspired by “The New Independents”, featured on the cover of H&S June/July, Horse & Style Publisher Sarah Appel curated the H&S Pop Up Shop concept to bring independent, unique equestrian apparel and accessories brands to select equestrian events this season.

The H&S Pop Up Shop will serve as a platform to promote and spread exposure for limited, independent equestrian brands such as Eleanor Walton Scarves, Kathryn Lily, 20×60, Gina Johnson Designs, Spiced Equestrian, Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, Deco Pony, Tara Kiwi, Oughton Limited, and others.




Deco Pony offers custom designed handcrafted totes, purses, clutches, stall guards and more. In addition to offering an exclusive collection of equine inspired patterns, Deco Pony founder Jenn Hogan can transform high quality images of her customers' horses into beautiful accessories that can be used for years to come.

Deco Pony's tote bags are perfect for carrying show day essentials. Use one of Deco Pony's cute clutches to store hairnets, bobby pins, safety pins, and makeup within a larger tote bag to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Of course, these beautiful totes and clutches are also a great way to show off your horse or your equestrian pride outside the horse world.

Deco Pony Equestrian Fashion
The Deco Pony story..... 

Last year I had to give away my dream horse–retired him at the age of 8–because he had EPSM. I actually bought him off of Dreamhorse as a barely started 4 year old and knew he was something special from day one; a dark dappled bay Friesian/Appendix cross with a wavy mane, great tail,  perfect feathers & suspended movement to die for!

My plan was to do upper level Dressage and low level Eventing along with regular trail riding. He never took a lame step in his life but was often a little "out" in his shoulder and pelvis and was having more and more un-straight days. I figured out what he had EPSM & after years of chiro, body work, vet visits, diet changes, special exercises, etc. and wasn't able to stabilize him. 

After years of worry and trying to make him better, I knew it was best for both of us if he had a new life. I found my once in a lifetime horse a once in a lifetime new home where he is out 24/7 with another horse and a few farm animals on 10 gorgeous acres and is a happy part time trail horse. 

I started Deco Pony in order to cheer myself up & generate funds to support another horse again. All of my previous barn time goes into the business. There were a lot of hours that could be put into something creative, productive & fun. - Jenn Hogan, Founder

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Dr. Piper Klemm is a guest blogger for H/J Style Report once again- enjoy!  

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

I saw Deco Pony originally on Facebook and loved their cute horse-themed designs. I got the brown plaid tote with bits on it right before Pony Finals and it is simply the greatest. 
I carry a TON of stuff in my purse. 

Between my pony mom supplies (crops, spurs, and who knows what my pony’s children put in there) and reporting ringside for ProEquest, I have my computer, camera, everything else, and it weighs a ton. This bag has comfortable straps, the right size to hold everything, and handy inside pockets to not lose my wallet in all of that. My favorite feature, however, is that it is dirt-proof. It has a synthetic coating on it that has saved my electronics through several poorly-timed rainstorms and any dirt simply wipes off. After all day of sitting in the dirt at the ring, the floor of the golf cart, and in the barn, it still looks clean, and presentable and makes me look polished. I even got a second one for the HITS Championship Weekend in Saugerties, New York last weekend! 
I use this bag to go to work as well (it doesn’t even smell like a horse) and have gotten tons of compliments. Deco Pony will also make you a tote or a purse out of a picture of your horse, which will definitely be what I’m carrying to Indoors. 

Fabulous Find: Deco Pony

Mar 25, 2013 by Annemarie Cochrane                                            Posted under:  Apparel, Featured

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  Hepburn Purse with Bit Pattern in Blue.   This was a “hit” at HITS Thermal in CA

Hepburn Purse with Bit Pattern in Blue. This was a “hit” at HITS Thermal in CA

Look what we just found!  Why not turn a classic, stylish bag into something especially created just for you?  Deco Pony does just that.  They specialize in all sorts of  custom horse show accessories and can take any digital photo, a barn logo or design and put it on a purse, clutch, stall guard, trailer magnet or grooming bag.  In addition to custom work, they also have a line of designer bags. Here are some of the bags they have designed.

Add this special touch to make your horse, stable, or organization stand out. Browse all the wonderful things they can create at:  Everything they make is made in the USA!



A few months ago, I featured Deco Pony's lovely tote bags and clutches here on the blog. Deco Pony's founder Jenn Hogan creates original designs and takes custom commissions for her tote bags, clutches and handbags. When Jenn saw the logo I created for Equestrian Culture Magazine, she loved it and kindly offered to create a custom tote bag featuring the design.


My custom Deco Pony tote featuring Equestrian Culture's logo!

I love how sturdy the material used to create this tote bag is. Plus, measuring 15" wide by 13" tall, it is roomy enough to carry around my laptop, a few notebooks, cables, etc. The design is crisp and the color of the main logo exactly matches the Pantone Warm Grey hue we regularly use for Equestrian Culture's branding. The tote is fully lined and also features a main zipper, a large interior pocket with a zipper, plus two smaller interior pockets perfect for organizing pens, my phone, my car keys, mints and more.

Deco Pony regularly offers custom design services. If you would like to have your logo or photo turned into a gorgeous tote bag or clutch, I highly recommend contacting Jenn. As you can see, she does lovely work!